Signs That Your Marriage Is Not Heading down the Right Path

How to Determine If It’s Time to Seek Couple Counseling

No one enters a marriage with the intent to destroy it. However, the divorce rate still remains high. Even if it doesn’t end up in divorce, a marriage can still be hard to bear if partners are experiencing problems. What people need to understand is that, if they don’t act quickly, time will only make matters worse. There are so many ways to stop a marriage from ending up in divorce; however, if you want immediate results, then you should seek couple counseling. Here are several signs that your relationship could benefit from therapy.

Complacency. Everyone is happy when getting married and thinks that they will live happily ever after. But marriage takes effort, patience, and strength. In order to avoid boredom, couples must stay interested in each other by talking, work, events that take place, and even their relationship. However, care must be taken not to bombard the partner with endless complaints and mindless chatter. If partners fail to communicate effectively, then they should seek help before things get out of hand.

Taking each other for granted. Many partners believe that their marriage is infallible. However, they are the ones that suffer the most when “suddenly” the spouse asks for a divorce. This usually happens when one of the partners neglects the other. For a marriage to be successful, both partners need to understand that compromises must be made sometimes. Many marriage counselors focus on making couples understand that being in a relationship is not always pink. There are times one one must give more that he/she receives.

Sweeping issues under the rug

Nobody likes conflicts, but avoiding serious problems and sweeping issues under the rug does not lead to a healthy relationship. These issues may seem gone, but in fact they only get momentum until eventually they wreak havoc and cause resentment. Such problems should always be discussed in a neutral environment – something that only couple counseling can provide.

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