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What Is the Difference between Family Counselors and Social Workers?

The phrases family counselors and social worker are somewhat challenging, since each one comes with its own multiple definitions. Some who are social workers are labelled with that name by the very nature of their job, however, they may not have the training which licenses them by the state to provide counselling. More so within state agencies, some social workers don’t have any licenses or degrees but are trained to do certain jobs which an agency needs. Similarly, some could use the title counsellor, including several that don’t have degrees in psychology or licensing with agencies. There are several different types of counsellors, such as religious, job, and academic counsellors, and they could help people under certain circumstances, all depending on their training and experience.

Things are very different should individuals be searching for a licensed therapist. In this case, a licensed one, could also be known as a specialized social worker, or a licensed clinical social worker, for now we will use the abbreviated version, LCSW, or a licensed therapist like a marriage and family therapist.

Basically, this means a licensed clinical social worker is permitted to also work as a family counsellor. They have a master’s degree in social work and have finished extra training in order to get a licensure. Not all LCSWs decide to become therapists, but any could be. This can be confusing because most licensed counsellors may not be able to refer to themselves as social workers unless they work somewhere this title is given.

Some individuals ask this question due to the fact they’re looking to find the best therapist. Are counselors more skilled than social workers? This is an individual question. Some within the mental health profession state people should search for professionals that have any of these titles and have significant experience.

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