How Do You Know If a Psychologist Is Truly Helping You?

4 Signs You Have Come to the Right Individual Counselor

There are problems and problems. Some of them, we manage to cope with ourselves, whereas others are so devastating that we say: “No way I can go though this on my own.” In such cases, going to a dependable individual counselor is a wise choice. There are so many specialists available. How can you recognize the right one?

  • Comfort. A good therapist will always strive to predispose you to feel most comfortable in his/her presence. The tone of voice, body language, good manners, and gestures are very important. Empathy and compassion are the things that make an excellent first impression. Considering the fact, that you are going to a specialist with some sort of pain, frustration, and sadness, he/she should be able to show same emotion in this tough moment for you.

  • Right questions. Many people believe seeing a psychologist is only a matter of questions and answers. But this is far from being true. A good therapist is trained to ask the right questions to get to the essence of your issues. He/she may ask you queries not directly related to your current situation, such as questions about your childhood, previous relationships, etc.

  • Easy communication. This is a mandatory sign showing you have come across a good and experienced expert. The so called ”healthy” communication is of utmost importance to get successful resolve of your issues. Do you have the feeling that he/she is really helping you? Do you get the sense that he/she understands you? If so, you are on the right track.

  • Professional explanations. Usually, when people have serious problems and they visit counselor’s sessions, they have a lot of questions. A qualified and committed therapist should be able to give you expert explanations of all your concerns and problems. They should never push you to make an immediate decision and give you direct orders, but give you several options and let you do some thinking too. It is very likely to see a counselor who cannot handle your specific situation. If that’s the case, he/she should let you know instead of trying to give you advice that will lead you to nowhere.

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