How Can You Resolve Your Couple’s Issues?

Best Couple Counseling Techniques You Can Take Advantage Of

As there are no two people who are exactly alike, challenges and disputes are a frequent event. However, in many cases, conflicts can be avoided, so learning this, help you secure a healthy and long-lasting relationship. Functional communication is the key to successfully understand each other’ needs. This article will outline the main couple counseling methods that are proven to work:

  • Gottman couple’s method. Affection, closeness, and respect are the main aspects of this technique. It helps couples who are at an impasse. A reliable counselor will teach you how to better understand each other’ needs and build the so-called ”love map”. It helps you learning more about your partner’s worries, fears, stresses, joys, and hopes.

  • Narrative therapy. In this kind of method, a good specialist will ask you to tell everything about your problems in narrative form by describing both positive and negative sides of your story. This way, you will view each other’ issues from a different angle. You can say anything you like about your past too, that will bring to the surface important matters that otherwise, will stay hidden.

  • Emotionally-focused relationship therapy. This type of counseling method is most suitable if depression is the root of your relationship issues. Its main goal is to encourage the expression of your emotional responses. It also aims to create a stronger bond between the two partners through some beneficial interactions.

  • Imago technique. This method focuses on the main aspect on the couple’s behavior. Finding the essence of the conflict means a half resolved situation. This technique teaches both partners to treat each other with respect and care.

  • Positive relationship method. This method emphasizes positive emotions. During a therapy, this technique is implemented to recall both partners their happy moments and positive experiences.

  • Communication problems. Analyzing the way you speak with each other is another common treatment method. The majority of the conflicts are provoked by the lack of good or no communication at all. A dependable therapist will teach you how to talk to each other effectively and how to be fully understood by your partner.

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