Different Types of Abuse

Methods and Techniques Used in Abuse Counseling Treatments

Most people think of abuse as a physical form of assault. However, there are four main types of abuse, and although physical abuse is one of the most common ones, it is not the most damaging (or at least not in most cases). There are several ways to treat abused individuals, but therapy seems to be the most effective. Through abuse counseling sessions, the victim has a chance to overcome his/her fears and take actions that will eventually enhance their life overall.

Physical abuse

Here are some of the most severe signs of physical abuse: strangling, cutting, pulling hair, driving recklessly, punching walls and doors, breaking things, throwing things, using weapons, threatening to harm, slapping, chocking, biting, punching, kicking, blocking the doorway if you try to leave, etc. Obviously, these sort of physical abuse should be handled by the authorities. But just because the abuse stopped doesn’t mean that the victim can just forget everything. These situations leave scars that are hard to heal. It’s best to seek professional counseling.

Emotional abuse

This is one of the most common form of abuse. Common indicators include: shaming you for your sexual orientation, choking up on you, making you feel like you need to justify yourself, being possessive, jealous, making threats, not respecting your feelings, talking down to you, embarrassing you in public, etc. This form of abuse is as dangerous as physical abuse. The person needs to seek abuse counseling in order to determine the course of the relationship.

Verbal abuse

Mocking you, intimidating you, name calling, using loud tone to cause fear, talking over you, shouting, yelling, swearing, etc.

Sexual abuse

Forcing you to have an abortion or get pregnant, using vulgar comments, unwanted sexual touching, rape, pressure for sex, etc.

Anyone who feels abused in any way should seek treatment as soon as possible. For more information about abuse counseling, contact Paul Velen MFT. Our office is located in Riverside, CA and you can find us at (951) 536-0956.