A Few Useful Tips on How to Hire a Good Psychotherapist

How to Find a Loyal and Competent Family Therapist

Every marriage has its challenges. Some of them, we overcome easily, while others require the intervention of a qualified family counselor. If you want to do your best to save your marriage, turn to an honest and dedicated family therapist in your area. Making the decision that you need professional help is hard enough. This blog aims to help you find a good psychotherapist:

  • Ask your GP or people that you know that they have need such help if they provide you with the contact information of a dependable psychotherapist. If you know a friend who is using such services, you may ask his/her therapist for credible recommendations. Another resource could be your child’s school. There are always psychotherapists working in schools.

  • Conversations. If you are ready to meet a few referred therapists, you have to take into account some essential factors. Do you feel safe and comfortable in his/her presence? Is that therapist easy to talk to? Does he/she try to judge you? Psychotherapists are not just people who give advice, they are not simple problem solvers. Primarily, they try to produce that kind of change in your life to help you with your family problems. Using their long-term education and training, they use techniques personally customized for your case. Whether a conflict, physical or mental abuse or an issue with trust, marriage counselors find a way to show you that there is hope, especially if both spouses are involved in the session.

  • License. Unfortunately, this vital element is often underestimated when in search of a reliable counselor. Having a legitimate business license means that he/she has the background education and certification to work legally as a family therapist.

  • Conclusion. Does your psychotherapist provide you with any promises or guarantees? It is important that he/she gives you hope but note that there are absolutely no guarantees that his/her techniques will work. Did you notice the body language? Is he/she making too many gestures? Is he/she answers all your questions patiently and carefully? Does he/she give straightforward answers? Last but not least, trust your intuition. If you have the feeling that a counselor leads you to nowhere and is just a waste of time, say ”Goodbye” and keep searching.

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