LGBT Counseling

Paul Velen MS, LMFT takes pride in serving the LGBT Community.

Paul has been worked at the The Center in Long Beach, CA from close to its inception in the early 1980s, and looks forward to working to a Center here in Riverside. Working on the range of issues that affect humans emotionally is what fills me with pride. Being part of LGBTQ history only adds to my inner sense of wholeness. For over 28 years Paul has experienced working with persons impacted by HIV, homophobia, and other biases that impact human beings.

I offer the gay community support in all the areas of my expertise, focusing on anxiety, depression and issues associated to compassion, safety, and connection/spirituality though the lifespan.

I offer you couple, individual counseling,and would be interested in discussing the formation of a groups that would serve your need. Appointments are available available weekdays, early morning, and afternoon hours.

LGBT counselor holding hands in shape of a hearth  Contact me at: 951-536-0956

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